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Join our Team - Intern Program

We are partnered with Laura Gatien & Associates, a private therapy practice - and we are committed to removing barriers to mental health treatment. We are also extremely passionate about continuing education, teaching others, and helping to shape the minds and experiences of the next generation of mental health professionals.

We provide a rich, hands-on, relevant, and practical learning experience for students who aspire to have a career in social work. Our intern program is near and dear to our hearts and allows us to offer valuable and necessary accessible mental health services to our communities most vulnerable.

Why should you choose to do your practicum experience with us?

We are committed to removing systemic barriers by offering accessible low-cost mental health services in our community. As a student, you can give back to the community while honing your skill sets.

We have an amazing team of therapists, predominately social workers, who bring varying lenses, experiences, and specialities to the practice, including sex therapy, gender affirming care, couples therapy, play therapy, addiction, trauma therapies including EMDR, neuro diversity and more.

  • We value self awareness, we love to learn, and we love to teach. We offer weekly individual & group supervision sessions.

  • We value community partnerships and building sustainable relationships with those who have the same mission, vision & values as we do. We don’t believe in working in silos and we practice from a structural social work lens. We believe the issues people face are far deeper than an individual level.

  • We continue to be committed to ‘checking ourselves’ and learning our own blind spots and areas for improvement in all facets from leadership to clinical work.

  • We are like a family here and care for each other and our clients deeply. Supporting one another is important as the work we do is taxing and self care is non-negotiable to support others.

  • We value innovation, taking initiative, and continued personal and professional growth and our interns often bring fresh ideas and clear goals that we love to work with.

  • We have internship opportunities beyond clinical work including leadership, diversity and inclusion, community development and more.

If you have an interest in being a part of a growing business that strives to put the needs of the community first, that breaks down barriers regarding mental health daily, and that prides themselves on being real and authentic in practice and leadership – then we want to meet you!


We offer a unique perspective that differs from government and non-profit agencies, while practicing from the social work code of ethics and value system.

If you are a social work student or LCT candidate and think you would be a great fit, reach out to Taylor Wells, our Intern Program Manager to set up a time to meet.

We value those qualified applicants with lived experience as racialized people, Indigenous people, those who have experienced homelessness, mental illness, and who have diverse abilities, as well as people of all sexual orientations and of all gender expressions.


Taylor Wells BA, MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Intern Program Manager

Laura Gatien & Associates Counselling Services 

Office: (506) 651-1239

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