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Our Student Interns

We are committed to removing barriers to mental health treatment. We are also extremely passionate about continuing education, teaching others, and helping to shape the minds and experiences of the next generation of mental health professionals.

We launched our Low-Cost Counselling program and our Free Counselling program around the same time - our skilled and educated Counselling Interns provide low-cost  and free supportive counselling for those who don't have insurance or who have financial barriers to getting mental health therapy.

Our interns are students at the end of their formal university training  who require clinical practice hours in order to graduate from their program. They provide supportive counselling, use various therapeutic modalities and help clients navigate the system. ​

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Our counselling interns provide supportive counselling in our Low-cost & Free counselling programs in 2023... Kelly, Sacha, Taylor Wells (Intern Manager), Emma, Raisa and Natalie. (missing from the picture: Tara)

We provide a rich, hands-on, relevant, and practical learning experience for students who aspire to have a career in social work. Our intern program is near and dear to our hearts and allows us to offer valuable and necessary accessible mental health services to community members experiencing financial barriers to mental health care.

Our interns are covered through our liability insurance and all student practicums are approved by each university - there are regular meetings with student interns and their designated supervisor,  Taylor Wells (Clinical Social Work/Therapist, BA, MSW, RSW) to discuss their learning goals and progress on skill acquisition while we monitor feedback on client experiences.

We fall. We break. We fail. But then, We rise. We heal. We overcome.

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