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Opening doors to Mental Health Care for All

JUST US; We All Struggle Inc. (JUST US) is a non-profit, charitable organization governed by a board of directors. It was created to focus on the outreach, strategy and fundraising needed to improve and grow JUST US Counselling programs,  intern trainingworkshops, and more - to ensure that these programs not only survive but thrive and grow, to meet the demands of our community - and our province.

We don't want to turn anyone away from getting the mental health care that they need.

We believe in affordable & accessible Mental Health Care for all.


Demystifying mental health treatment through education outreach, advocacy, programming and services is critical as we strive to normalize & destigmatize mental health struggles. Because struggling with mental health is normal. Mental health is health.  #weallstruggle


Ready to Join?

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That mental health care is valued, understood,

accepted, and accessible to all people.



 To enhance health and lives through barrier-free and

proactive mental health care services.

No Insurance? No Problem. Check out our JUST US Counselling Program.

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No Referral Necessary! 

Are you experiencing challenges, mental health struggles, and need a compassionate ear? 

We are here to help. 

Book your in-person, online, or phone counselling session with one of our fully trained Counselling Interns and begin the path to feeling better - everyday. 

The JUST US Counselling Program offers 3 free sessions within 3 months, with the option to continue after those three 1 hour sessions for just $20 per session (tax included). 

We never turn anyone away, and thanks to our generous donors, we are growing our barrier-free, proactive counselling offerings!

Everyone Welcome!


Want to help support these important programs in our community? We'd love your help.

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Join Our Community

Follow our social media to keep an eye on the expansion of barrier-free mental health care in your community and see how you can help!


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We'll keep you up-to-date on our efforts and wins as we strive to make mental health care affordable & accessible for all.

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Get in Touch

Lots of reasons to call or email or us - to talk about supporting our programs - or to book a Low-cost or Free counselling session.

Book your JUST US Counselling appointment On-line here:

Saint John Location

307 Westmorland Rd.

Saint John, NB   

E2J 2G2

Find us at
307 Westmorland Road

Fredericton Location

919 Prospect Street

Fredericton, NB

E3B 2T7

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